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Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) 6.5 Release Notes:

To install IIAB 6.5 onto Raspbian Stretch, Ubuntu 18.04 or Debian 9:

   curl | sudo bash

This includes ~12 server apps and typically completes within 2 hours.
A faster 1-line installer is below, if you want just ~6 server apps:

   curl | sudo bash

Conversely a much larger but far slower installation is possible,
if you want to experiment with a full suite of ~20 server apps:

   curl | sudo bash

An Ethernet cable is always HIGHLY RECOMMENDED during installation,
as this is more reliable that Wi-Fi (and faster too!)

Need live community support?  Choose a filename containing "-vpn" at so OpenVPN and TeamViewer work out of the box.

To install IIAB 6.5 on CENTOS, try the manual/full instructions here:

    Thanks For Building Your Own Library To Serve One & All

Special Thanks to the many countries + communities + volunteers
who've worked non-stop doing this, to bring about IIAB 6.5 !

IIAB Development Team